1. I was born and raised in Waipahu, Hawaii. Phoenix is just like Hawaii except there's no ocean.
2. My parents mashed Philippines and America and named me Philamer. (Pronounced fil-uh-mur.)
3. I've been to Coachella 7 times and one of the those times I was 5 months pregnant.
4. I love to cook and bake as much as I love to eat. Faves? Sushi and ramen. ALL DAY.
5. Before going to art school I originally wanted to become a History teacher.
6. I have two dogs named Oreo and Cosmo.
7. If I'm not hiking and exploring the outdoors, I'm either bargain hunting or binge watching a new season of Stranger Things or Great British Bake Off.
8. I have an endless gift wrap supply and I hoard stationary... lots of stationary.
9. I'm also a photographer. Check out my work at lifeandlovephotography.com.
10. My husband does not know about #8.
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