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I’m a 28 year old graphic designer based in Phoenix, AZ. During the past 8 years that I’ve lived here in the desert, I’ve discovered the┬áSonoran desert is simply beach without water. Originally from Hawaii, I’m used to the short drives to the nearest crystal clear beach and the lovely year round 80 degree weather.

Why would one trade all that for ashy skin, dust storms and deprivation of Asian/Hawaiian food one might ask? My answer: for love. I moved here with my then boyfriend, who turned into my fiance and has recently become my husband. But that’s not the kind of love I’m talking about. I moved here for my love of design. As my husband went to school for Network Communications at Devry I went to the Art Institute of Phoenix to pursue a bachelors in Graphic Design.

The 3 years I spent kerning, aligning, pre-pressing and manipulating at AiPX were the best years of my life. The ever changing technologies and techniques is what keeps me alert and alive in the design world. Someone famous and smart once said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” They were wrong. I completely love doing what I do for a living but I also love working every day of my life. As a designer I always aim to share my skills and help the people I work with and for so we can collaboratively reach any goal that is set.

Aside from my 9-5 routine, I am a closet crafts freak who actually loves getting burnt to a Tan-Mom-crisp while hiking or fishing. I’m no stranger to the outdoors and regardless of Arizona’s lack of Pacific Ocean I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty that exists past the Loop 101 or the I-10. I may come from an island in the middle of an ocean but don’t be surprised because I do know what football and basketball is. We used to watch it all the time on our coconut TVs back home. All joking aside, I love me a good game of American football and (don’t cringe, Laker Haters) I am a PROUD Laker fan. Oh and of course, what’s a woman who doesn’t like shopping, makeup and music?

I hope that after you’ve read all the things I’ve said about myself you’ll leave my site feeling like we’ve known each other forever. Maybe not like BFFs but you get the idea. If that’s not the case drop me a line: email me, call me, text me, FB me or as President Obama says, “Tweeter me.” I would love to meet you.